Finally on Google Play (sort of)

It’s been a real struggle but I have started what’s called an internal test on google play. This means that if I have your gmail address (i.e. google id – what you have if you use Android) I can send you a link that will let you download and install ‘Don’t Worry: I’m OK’.  I changed the name because there was already a package called I’m OK and I’ve now discovered there’s one called Don’t Worry – I’m OK so I’m going to have to put some thought into the app title.

But, I’m now working on an up-date based on the feedback Google’s automated tester gave me and that should be through soon. If you want to be involved in testing, please contact me via the contacts page here giving me an e-mail address and I’ll add you to the test and send you installation details; it’s pretty much the same as installing any app from Google Play.

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Marshal B Anderson

Retired and still suffering from teenage angst.

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