About the author

The author has recently retired from a varied career in several different areas of education. One of his passions was the creation of digital learning materials which lead him to programming and even winning an award (but only one, and it was decades ago).

Looking to fill the time he now has he lighted upon the idea of learning how to create apps for smartphones (it’s a challenge!) and, on finding himself part of the retired community in Derbyshire, came across the anxiety some people felt at living alone. It wasn’t so much the worry about help not coming in time to save them, but the rather grisly notion of being found weeks or even months later. On being unable to find an app that did what I’m OK does, he put the two ideas together and you see the result here.

A foot-note to this is that he recently tripped over one of his ninja-assassin pussycats, went base over apex down the stairs and ended up laying on the hall floor in agony for 6 hours. After eventually dragging himself to the phone, the Good People at 111 said he might have broken a rib or two but there was no real treatment for that. He spent the next two weeks terrified of coughing. Had the result been nastier, his e-mails would have been sent and his friends alerted. This would have been the opposite of ironic, whatever that is.